We're Back in Office 8-1

Good morning CVE, 

This is just a reminder that classes will be posted Monday by 5:00 PM. The first day of school is Wednesday, 8/9 at 8:30. We are so excited to welcome everyone back for another amazing school year! 

We wanted to provide the following information to help ensure the morning drop off is safe for all families and to alleviate any anxiety for new families and students. We also have some changes to our communication procedures at CVE, and wanted to include information to ensure all families stay informed throughout the school year!

Pickup/Drop off Procedures

For those of you unfamiliar with the morning drop off routines at CVE, we wanted to include our morning procedures and some safety information to make sure we keep all our students and families safe during the morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Please plan extra time in the morning, as drop off can take some time, especially early in the school year, and particularly between 8:15 and 8:30. We have a small parking lot, and greatly appreciate all of the patience and cooperation you can offer!

Morning Procedures at CVE

Early Drop off Time- 7:45 AM- All grades TK-6 can be dropped off at the cafeteria starting at 7:45 am. Please do not drop off students before 7:45 am, as there is no supervision at that time.
Early Drop off Time- TK/K- 8:00 AM- TK and Kindergartners can enter the kinder playground via the gate on the curb starting at 8:00 am. Students arriving prior to 8:00 am should be brought to the cafeteria.
Playground Open at 8:00 am- Students will be allowed onto the playground after 8:00 am once supervision is present.
First Bell and Whistle at 8:25- This is the notification that it is time to return any play equipment, collect your belongings, and head to your classroom.
Arrivals after 8:30- Please visit tardy window- If you arrive after the 8:30 am bell, please head to the tardy window. Students who arrive after 8:30 must sign in with an adult.
Not ready to head to playground alone- If your student isn't ready to head to the playground alone, or you feel they won't be able to make it to class, we understand. You are always welcome to wait with them in front of the school until the bell rings. It may help to plan to arrive closer to the start of school until your student feels more comfortable on campus. Please do not wait in front of your child’s classroom.

Safety Reminders

For the safety of all at Coyote Valley, please follow these rules:
  • Please do not pass on Coyote Valley Road coming to school. This is one lane only. Please leave a lane in the center for our buses to use.

  • NO driving on the fire road past the preschool. If you are coming out of the preschool parking lot, please make a right to head down the pickup lane- do not drive against the flow of traffic.

  • Please pick up and drop off your children in the front of the school parking lot, follow our parking valet’s lead. 

  • Please no parking in the drop off lane, park your car in the parking lot if you will be walking your child to class.

  • For their safety, students cannot walk through the parking lot without a parent or guardian escorting them. 

  • Please keep sidewalks clear in front of the kindergarten building so students can walk past without having to enter the street.

  • If you are staying on campus you must sign in and get a sticker in the office. Thank you!


Our goal is to keep our community informed of upcoming events, schedule changes, important information, etc. We do this in a variety of ways including paper notices sent home with each student, mail, electronically via email and the other methods below, and occasionally by phone call. Please take a minute to register for the communication methods provided below, and make sure to update the CVE office with any changes to your phone number, email address, or mailing address.

Please look for our weekly Howler newsletter for weekly updates. This is sent out via Parentsquare, Facebook, and our website each Thursday.

How to stay informed at CVE:

  • ParentSquare Communications- This uses the parent/guardian contact information. To sign up with another email/phone number, please use the link below.

    • Get up to the minute messages, weekly bulletins, schedule changes, etc. Sign up at: https://shorturl.at/mDMYZ

    • Download the Parent Square app for best results.

  • Coyote Valley/MUSD App:

    • Search “Middletown USD” in your phone’s app store.

Office email addresses and extensions


Matt Coit ext 6111


Admin Secretary:

Lana Earl ext 6100


Attendance Clerk:

Jeannine Kelley ext 6101