Book Recommendations

As I read great books, I plan on putting them out to the students- Lately, I've been reading a lot of 5th-8th grade level books, so students please let me know what books I should be reading! Below are a few of my favorite that I've read in the past year or so.

See you in the Cosmos

- Jack Cheng

Absolutely stunning book about a science enthusiast student who goes to a rocket convention on his own. His story is beautiful and heartfelt, and I couldn't stop reading!

The First Rule of Punk

-Celia Perez

The first rule of Punk is to "always be yourself". I admit, I'm a sucker for anything punk rock! This is the story of Malu, a Latina preteen punk who moves to a new town in a new school. Heartfelt and uplifting it reminds us to always be ourselves no matter what!

Witch Boy

-Molly Knox Ostertag

13 year-old Aster wants to be a witch, but that's only for girls. This stunning story tells the tale that it's ok to be different, and their is beauty in being your true self.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane -Kate Dicamillo

This book is absolutely amazing! The story follows Edward Tulane, a stuffed toy rabbit, as he journeys from home to home and owner to owner. This book made me both laugh and cry, and I could not put it down!


- Vince Vawter

Victor is an 11 year-old boy who takes over his friend's paper route for the summer. Victor meets all kinds of new people, gets into and out of trouble, and does all of this while working to control his stutter. I highly recommend this one!


-Jason Reynolds

Read everything by Jason Reynolds! He's amazing, and this book is one of my favorites. Castle "Ghost" Cranshaw has been running his whole life. From his troubles, from his problems, and from his past. He discovers the local track team, and learns he doesn't have to always run from, now he can run for!