5th Grade Biography Projects
Over the last two Fridays, Mrs. Pyzer and Mrs. Zimmerle’s classes presented their amazing biography projects in the cafeteria by dressing up as their historical figures and speaking about their lives. 
They presented in front of CVE students from TK-6th grade, CVE faculty, and 5th grade parents. They did a fantastic job and enthusiastically shared the knowledge they had gained throughout the project. 
The students who watched the presentations were an exceptional audience with many taking notes on what they were learning. As the students left the cafeteria and were excitedly talking about who they will choose for their biography when they are in 5th grade.
We are so proud of these students for all of their hard work. Please see below for pictures of our students giving their presentations. Great job CVE!biographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographiesbiographies


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