Reading Competition

What a great reading competition! Our students went above and beyond and "broke" the gameboard for the second year in a row! 

Congratulations to Mrs. Bazzano's class for winning the TK-1st grade competition and Mrs. Emberson's class for winning the 2nd-6th grade competition!

A little data that shows how amazing our students did over the last month with their reading:

TK-1st grade battled each other to see who could read more minutes at home during the competition. As a group they read:

  • 54,269 Minutes!
  • That's the equivalent of 904.5 minutes!
  • Or 37.7 Days worth of reading!

2nd-6th Grade All had an individual goal for words read during the competition. As a group they read:

  • A 194% of the school-wide reading goal
  • 23,257,647 Words Read in one month!
  • 37,625,820 Words Read this school year!

We are all so proud of our students. The work they put in this month was incredible. We are so excited to see how much they read. Keep up the great work CVE.

That being said, we all felt a disturbance in the force that might be the next reading challenge in January. Stay tuned CVE!