5th and 6th Grade Career Day

On Thursday, February 16, between 8:30 and 10:30 approximately 100 students in the 5th and 6th of Coyote Valley Elementary School in Hidden Valley Lake grade took part in interviews with about 30 different local businesses that were represented. There were first responders present as well as other occupations such as artists, teachers, military, medical professionals, and even a local author and a winemaker blessed us this year. At the end of the day, students got to find out “who got the job”,  but all were able to receive a certificate of participation for the event. The interviewers did a great job trying to relax the students and hold a conversation about the job choice. For students it can be a little scary, but they soon relaxed and all felt really good about the interviews. 

February is Career Awareness Month, and over 20 years ago this idea became a way to get the community to come alongside the younger students and share careers while older high school students might participate in job shadowing and college/career fairs. It has been well received by the community each year and hopefully will continue for many more. This Career Day experience has become a biennial event here at Coyote Valley (except for the year off for distance learning). Each student was responsible for filling out a basic job application, writing a resume that highlighted the responsibilities they have had, and then participating in an interview with a local business person.   

All students and staff at Coyote Valley also have an opportunity to participate in a career spirit week as well, where students dress up according to that day's theme. Indoor and Outdoor day are pretty straight forward and students dress in something that represents an indoor or outdoor career. I think a favorite is First responder/Military day and many students enjoy representing their own parents' careers during this week. It was a wonderful week and I hope we can do it again in a couple of years. 

I want to thank the community in all the ways they have supported this event over the years. From the interviewers to the businesses that gave a donation for the raffle, all was appreciated. The students are in the process of writing their thank you notes to the interviewers at this time. It was a wonderful event and I can’t wait to see everyone at the next event.

Davina Pyzer