Treats for Troops a BIG Success!

Post date: Nov 5, 2011 3:18:49 PM

Mrs. Jones' 3rd grade class promoted the "Treats for Troops" event in which students donated their Halloween candy with the hope of being a top donating class that would receive a "healthy treats" party with Mrs. Jones' students. On Friday, November 4th the final donations were weighed and the results were amazing. Overall, Coyote Valley students donated over 445 lbs. of candy! Mrs. Martinelli's class took top prize among lower grades by donating 35 lbs. of goodies, while Mr. Krohn's 4/5 combination class was the overall top charitable class giving over 60 lbs. of treats to the troops! We hope this will become an ongoing tradition at our school as a way to promote good health and giving back to others.