Top Accelerated Readers Posted

Post date: Oct 9, 2011 2:18:31 PM

MUSD offers the accelerated reader (AR) program to all students as a means of providing instant feedback to students about books they have read, establishing a motivating point system for students and delivering data to parents and teachers to help track and support student reading progress. AR is a web based program that requires students to answer comprehension questions about books they have read. Points are given based on the number of questions answered correctly along with the difficulty level of the book.

In our school library, students can see their point progress on the "Out of this World" wall that Mrs. Coit (our school librarian) updates periodically.

Top AR point earners from each class have now been posted in our multi-use room. We congratulate these top readers and encourage everyone to take advantage of the AR program.

Use the AR - accelerated reader student link on our school webpage to access the quizes, or use AR Home Connect parent link to track student progress. Teachers have usernames and passwords if needed.

* Attached are the top AR point earners as of Oct. 5, 2011.