Stormy Weather Procedures

Post date: Dec 10, 2014 9:12:44 PM

The Middletown Unified School District Office provides a recorded message during stormy weather to alert parents of changes in bus stops and of alternative times when school will begin or end. Weather conditions can change dramatically during the morning hours. Every effort will be made to have updated recorded messages on the following phone line by 7:00 am. The number for this updated recording is 987-4149. The District website is also a source of information during inclement weather. Go to Alternative numbers are as follows: 987-4163 (MHS); 987-4131 (Minnie Cannon); 987-3357 (Coyote); 928-5229 (Cobb).

· In the event that heavy snowfall closes Highways 175 and 29, so that it is impossible for busses to operate safely on these roads, school will be closed for the day. The decision to close school will be made by the Superintendent by 7:00 am. Radio station KXBX (98.3 FM-1270 AM) will be notified.

· In the event that roads are closed in the Cobb Mountain area, but are open in the valley, Cannon Elementary, Coyote Valley Elementary, Middletown Middle School, and Middletown High School will operate at the usual times. Bus transportation will not be provided beyond Anderson Springs. Parents living on Cobb will be responsible for bringing their 7th through 12th grade students to school whenever possible. Cobb Elementary will be open if roads are cleared; the school may operate on a minimum day and begin two hours later than usual.

· Hidden Valley Lake residents should check cable Channel 77 for weather and school updates during stormy weather conditions.