School Enrichment Days (SED)

Post date: Dec 17, 2010 6:55:28 PM

Middletown Unified School District is pleased to announce that schools will begin offering School Enrichment Days (SED) to students in 2011. SED’s will be scheduled on non-calendared school days (for example local days off or Saturdays). Credentialed teachers will run each SED and offer a variety of enrichment activities that support student learning. These SED’s are NOT like our traditional Saturday school days which focus on discipline. Students that attend will get credit for attendance and in fact, have the opportunity to apply their SED attendance towards the 176 student school days in obtaining 100% attendance for the year! Students will be invited by the teachers holding the SED and must return a signed permission slip to be included. School lunch is available to those that request one (standard rates apply).

The first SED is scheduled for Monday, January 3rd.