Janet Campbell Recognized as #1 Classified Employee

Post date: Nov 10, 2011 1:26:21 PM

Coyote Valley Elementary would like to recognize Janet Campbell as the number one classified employee for the 2011-12 school year. Mrs. Campbell serves as a special education para-professional aide supporting students in the Coyote Valley resource program. Resource teacher, Mr. Mannisto, has been described by parents as a “magician” in helping students. If Mr. Mannisto were a magician, then Mrs. Campbell would certainly be considered a magician’s assistant.

Mrs. Campbell performs her “magic” through her uniform and calm approach with children. She is a dedicated employee that can be relied upon to show up daily and provide consistent instructional support to students that generally benefit from routine, predictability and patience.

Mrs. Campbell works with students ranging from 1st to 6th grade and has the ability to quickly shift gears to work with different aged children as well as different grade level standards that range from adding two one-digit numbers to determining the variable in a mathematically expression involving fractions.

Mr. Mannisto shares that Janet has a keen sense of where and when to assist students with special needs without hovering or enabling. She has strong academic skills, has a straight-forward approach and her consistent support, positive feedback, kind and compassionate nature greatly enhance the education of the students she serves.

Congratulations to Mrs. Campbell for this well deserved honor. We appreciate all you do.