Post date: Oct 2, 2014 7:59:36 PM

Last year Coyote Valley students were able to experience Harvest of the Month which brought fresh fruits and vegetables to the classrooms unfortunately, we were missing out on a major piece of the program... only available to schools where over 50% of students qualify for Free/Reduced meals... that missing piece is the demonstrations by Lake County Department of Health's SNAP-ed Director, Dana Kent. Last year only 49.6% of the Coyote Valley students qualified for free/reduced lunch with less than 70% of families applying. When the percentage reaches 50%, our students will realize the full implementation of the Farm to School "Harvest of the Month" Program. It is very important to make sure that our coyote valley students are able to participate. This is another reason to complete the Free/Reduced Meal application available in the school office.