CVE Students - Winners of Taylor Observatory Contest!

Post date: Mar 1, 2011 2:35:27 PM

Congratulations to the two students from Mrs. Scavone's 4th grade class that were among the winners in the recent Taylor Observatory Contest. Participants had to visit the planetarium for a show and submit a written report as part of the contest. Winners are invited to an Award Ceremony at Taylor Observatory on March 18, 2011 at 6pm. The evening's program will include introduction of sponsors, teachers and the winning students, the Telescope Award presentation, refreshments, a planetarium show (Two Small Peices of Glass) and Star Party.

The winners will receive a new 6 inch reflecting telescope, a Stargazing book and other astronomy items. All winners have been called and are scheduled to receive training on March 12th.

The county winners and teachers are: Lucerne Elementary: Aireana Saldana / Venus Kuintzle; Lakeport Terrace School: Julia Lyon / Cat Dunne; Upper Lake High School: Gabriel Ramos / Daniel Bixler; Coyote Valley Elementary: Niko Manatakis and Tyler Olson / Kathy Scavone; Kelseyville High School: Cierrah Sherman and Jose Alatorre / Cora Carrier.