Congratulations to our Challenge 24 School Champs!

Post date: Jan 26, 2011 3:13:26 PM

On Jan. 21st, CVE held grade level competitions for Math 24 to determine who would compete in the district tournament of Challenge 24. The following students earned the highest point totals and the right to represent CVE in the 4th annual MUSD Challenge 24 Tournament:

4th grade:

Bradley Clevenger, Noelle Kiss, Ellie Bazzano, Victor Guzman

5th grade:

Colleen Schimansky, Hailey Wilson, Savannah Neves, Ami Gattoni

6th grade:

Olivia Glosser, Iqbal Gruwal, Danae Anthony, Elisa Kim

To find out more about the Math 24 game and the Challenge 24 tournament rules check out the website at

Math 24 is a fun way to practice math facts using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.