Class Book Published, Added to Library

Post date: Mar 13, 2011 6:10:30 PM

Twenty-five students from Mr. Krohn's 5th grade class (2009-10) collaborated to write and illustrate the book Hopskee Harry, The Hero Hare. Mr. Krohn had the book published and a copy will be added to our school library for students to enjoy. Just one more example of outstanding accomplishments from the students at Coyote Valley Elementary. Check out the review below:

Book Review of

Hopskee Harry, The Hero Hare

By Tom HOSkins, Principal at Coyote Valley

Hopskee Harry, The Hero Hare tells the tale of a helpful, humble and somewhat introverted bunny. The 5th grade students of Mr. Krohn’s class (2009-10) take readers to Bunnyville Elementary for a day in the life of Harry which begins with Flag Salute Friday and school cheers led by principal, Mr. HOPskins followed by an in class academic challenge in Mrs. Potato’s (first name Sweet) class. Students display their wit, humor and proficiency in using academic vocabulary during the course of the book. Readers will feel empathy for poor Harry as he waits anxiously and becomes glum as everyone is picked before him for the big baseball game. When Harry recalls the advice of his grandfather, “You need to always make an effort at the endeavors of life, if you don’t at least try, then you have indeed failed,” as he steps up to the plate of a tied game in the bottom of the ninth, readers will be rooting for this Hero Hare.