# 1 Teacher 2010-11 - Mrs. Mackesy Honored

Post date: May 10, 2011 8:51:25 PM

Elsie Mackesy

#1 Teacher

Coyote Valley Elementary


It is with great pleasure we announce that Elsie Mackesy has been named as the #1 teacher at Coyote Valley Elementary for the 2010-11 school year. Elsie teaches first grade currently and has been teaching full time in the Middletown Unified School District since 1987. For the past 15 years she has been teaching at Coyote Valley Elementary where she has been influential in instilling a passion for learning to an entire generation of students.

Elsie has earned a master’s degree as a reading specialist and prides herself in helping young first graders learn how to read and write, two fundamental skills that will surely assist them during their entire academic careers. In addition to delivering great instruction and content, she also helps develop great citizens. Her soft spoken approach and ability to build positive relationships is certainly a factor in her success with students.

In addition to Elsie’s academic impact on our school, she has also made long lasting contributions to our school garden along side Kathie Reeves and parent volunteers. One colleague states, “Elsie brings her love of the natural world to the school for her students and peers to learn about firsthand, via her love of gardening and nature.” Students have had the opportunity to explore the sights, sounds and smells of the school garden in large part to her efforts to revive the garden this year. Elsie and her team have helped establish an organic, child-friendly life science learning lab complete with new planter beds, wood chips walkways, and plants.

It is a little known fact that over the past several years, Elsie has been responsible for bringing over $4000 in grant funds to our school. Through Foster’s Community Grants and the help of her husband, John, the Mackesy’s have supported Healthy Start, art supplies, digital cameras, garden materials, field trips, school-wide awards, technology and listening center materials, books, and classroom magazine subscriptions with the money they have raised.

Elsie is involved in so many ways. She is coordinator for our school assemblies and has brought science, animal, physical fitness, anti-bully, and music assemblies to our school for students to experience. She is involved in many of our yearly school events including Dr. Seuss night and actively supports the school culture of Coyote Valley.

Elsie has a passion for her profession and it shows. She puts great time and energy into assisting children to discover and learn. She states that her greatest reward is receiving notes from students that say, “You are the best teacher, Mrs. Mackesy. We love you.”

Mrs. Mackesy - Thank you and congratulations on this well deserved honor – you are the best!