1st Annual Bridge Building Contest

Post date: Jan 20, 2012 2:43:07 PM

On Saturday, February 11th, Coyote Valley Elementary will host a bridge building contest for students in grades 3-6. The 4 hour workshop will meet between 8am-12pm. This will be a School Enrichment Day (SED) opportunity for students and they can make up one attendance day credit by coming. Agenda for the day includes: lesson on basic bridge design, research about great bridge architecture around the world, videos of bridge building contests and finally time to construct bridges for the competition.

The contest goal is to construct the strongest bridge possible using only 1 bag (150) popsicle sticks and white glue. Students may compete individually or in teams up to 4 students.

There is a contest fee of $2.00 for each participant to cover supply materials. The fee is waived for all GATE students.

The following Friday, February 17th, a school assembly will be held for a load contest demonstrations. Classes are invited to see which bridge design can hold the most dictionaries before breaking.