Congrats to our Math 24 School Competitors!

posted Jan 21, 2012, 10:48 AM by Unknown user
On Wednesday, Jan. 18th top math 24 performers from each class (grades 4-6) competed in a school competition.
We would like to congratulate all of the class competitors:

4th Grade:
Mrs. Scavone: Alejandra Diaz, Abbey Brown, Trey Dold, Shaylan Leibig
Mrs. Moore: Dano Lopez, Jackson Smith, Jason Jones, Madeline Hoskins
Mr. Krohn: Baylee Dymer, Sienna Nelson

5th Grade:
Mr. Krohn: Bradley Clevenger, Taylor Norton
Ms. Head: Grace Southern, Kassi Agapoff, Kevin Stephens, Savannah McLaughlin
Mrs. Pyzer: Alexandra Hudson, Alyssa Hart, Ellie Bazzano, Noelle Kiss

6th Grade:
Mrs. Chick: Amy Gattoni, Cheyenne Justice, Will Perez, Elijah Ray
Mrs. Welton: Brenna Southern, Lauren Grubbs, Savannah Neves, Simone Mendieta

Those who will be moving on to the District competition on Wednesday, Jan. 25th beginning at 2:00pm in Room 12 at the Minnie Cannon Elementary campus are:

4th Grade: Dano Lopez, Shaylan Leibig, Madeline Hoskins, Trey Dold
5th Grade: Grace Southern, Alexandra Hudson, Bradley Clevenger, Ellie Bazzano
6th Grade: Amy Gattoni, Cheyenne Justice, Savannah Neves, Elijah Ray

Good Luck to all our competitors!  A flyer providing details about the district competition will be provided to student participants on Monday, Jan. 23rd.