6th Grade Valet Program Up and Running

posted Aug 24, 2011, 9:37 AM by Unknown user
The California Highway Patrol has once again helped us in training 6th grade students to participate in our morning Valet program.  Please refer to the next Howler newsletter for procedures to help ensure a timely drop off at CVE.  The students who participate take on a role of leadership and responsibility at our school.  In addition to the prestige that goes along with the position, students are also treated to donuts on Fridays for their service.

Here are a couple of sample letters written by students who applied for valet this year:

Dear Mr. Hoskins,
     I would like to be a valet because, I am safe, respectful and responsible.  I would greet people as they pull up with a smile and a good morning.  Around the house I help my dad with my two cats, and I put away my clothes, keep my room clean and I help vaccuum.  Thank you for your time to read my valet letter.
P.S. - I like donuts! :)

Dear Mr. Hoskins,
I would like to be considered for one of the valet postitions.  I listen to directions well and I am a kind, nice, polite person.  I am also very good at my time management and I will get the job done on time.  Thank you Mr. Hoskins for your time and consideration of me for this wonderful opportunity.
Sincerely Yours,