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                                                         Dear Parents,

  FYI we have a viral rash illness going around. It appears to be "Slap Cheek" or Fifth's Disease which is usually a mild viral illness that begins 4-14 days after exposure with symptoms which may include: fever, headache, stomach upset, and body aches. Next  a bright red rash appears on the cheeks and may spread to the arms, legs and trunk. The rash can come and go for several weeks.
It is spread by touching or breathing in the coughed or sneezed fluid drops from an infected person.
There is no treatment available except to relieve fever etc.
Occasionally complications may develop so please consult your Physician if your student is very ill. People with compromised immune systems and pregnant women may have complications so please consult your Physician for advice if these conditions apply to you or your family.  
Students may attend school if they do not have a fever and are not sneezing and coughing. Attending with just the rash is allowed because once the rash appears they are no longer contagious.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns.

Denise McDowell RN
School Nurse, MUSD  987-3357                                                      


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